Friday, February 24, 2006

Yesterday's journal and this morning's thoughts.

I started writing this last night, but got a big hug from my wife that interrupted me. I never did finish what I started.

Writing wise - another semi-successful day yesterday. I missed out by a few pages, but got ahead in my critiquing on CC. I aim for about eleven crits per week and rewriting/editing ten pages per day. So things are on target as I've done seven crits in three days. The critique circle works on a Wednesday to Wednesday cycle.

After recovering from the devestation of seeing Canada lose to Russia in Olympic hockey on Wednesday, I pulled myself together and headed to the local arena last night for pickup hockey: Yes, there is an arena here in Rabat, Morocco. The one thing missing from my life arrived here about six months ago in a big shopping mall. It costs about ten US to play for two hours. But it was cancelled yesterday due to some holiday and is scheduled for next Tuesday instead.

Even more than the shackles of being married for almost a year now, writing this book has controlled my life like a sluggish and uncertain investment. One which I'm too stubborn to pull out of. I'm not willing to quit until I'm successful - having put nearly two years into writing it.
My wife made me make a timeline yesterday, and if I stick to it, I should be finished the book in early June. Which means I should start querying agents sometime in April.

That's all folks!

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