Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I thought it had stopped...

Way back in November, 2005, over four months ago, they started to renovate the appartment next door. In Morocco this means smashing the hell out of it with a sledge hammer for as long as it takes. Morning until night.
They started like they were on a rampage, every morning, bang, bang, bang. My entire appartment shook. And this continued every day until I left on vacation two weeks later.
Three weeks at home in Canada, for Christmas, then I returned and again, the banging. Except it was intermittent now. It seemed as though they hammered especially on Monday and Tuesday, the days I do my big writing PUSH.
And for the last couple weeks it seems to have lulled completely. And now, today, Tuesday, my big push day.
Is someone up their laughing at my gradual loss of sanity?

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