Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Marathon Editing

Another blip came a few weeks ago in the form of a visitor from Holland. I get moving on the book, then bang- something interrupts my flow. So now, it's time for serious measures. No more half assing. Here's the deal, I've got several critiques, now I have to do a marathon, a two month editing session of three chapters a week. It's doable, and in two weeks, I want to bump that number up to four chapters a week. If I do this for two months, I'll have edited everything and be well on my way toward finishing and subbing this puppy.
On the hockey note, it's do or die night for my Maple Leafs. If they win tonight, and Tampa Bay loses - they'll have an outside chance of making the playoffs. If they lose, it's adios, ciau, kwa heri, ma' salama. It's all over. Come on boys. Win one for the Gipper.

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