Monday, April 03, 2006

Ode de ne voyage pas

Here's a poem I wrote when I first started writing. Just a fun little poem, but now I'm the guy tied down with life. Not that being tied down is a bad thing, It just takes getting used to.

My promotion is coming, or perhaps it just came,

I can’t walk away from the things which I’ve gained

The company needs me.

My spouse and my car.

The club I just joined, and the lads at the bar

The deal I just made, my parents, my pet.

My mortgage and my back ache.

I can’t travel, not yet.

The summer, the winter, the sports, and my toys

I mustn’t forget the girls and the boys.

I’m trapped in this life.

I wish freedom was true.

But to give all this up

I just cannot do.

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