Monday, April 03, 2006


Forgive me internet for I have sinned, it has been two weeks since my last blog.
Did you read my last blog - THE NEXT JOURNEY?
It was all going as intended. The book was coming along, I have several fellow writers who are pushing me to submit. (The first three chapters are still a thorn in my side though, well, mostly the first chapter.)

The next journey was a just a few steps away. But that's all changed now. My world has been turned upside down with five simple words that left my mouth dry and both my heart and my mind racing for alternative ideas.
"Dan, I think I'm pregnant," said Siham, my wife. She has this concerned smile on her face as she waved the tiny pink wand infront of my face.
"No! You are not, it's impossible, we were being careful..." I scramble for the pregnancy test instructions and read what mean pregnant and what didn't. Sure enough, a faint pink line means she's pregnant.
Siham started, "Look, the test has this pink stripe in it, which means..."
"Did you do it right? Maybe the test is wrong..."

It wasn't wrong.
The next day, a blood test confirmed that Siham was in her third week.
So, what happens to the journey? What happens to my life as a travel writer? You can't just pack up and take a baby on the road for two years. Can you?
I've come up with a few options.
I can finish this book and have a crack at fiction. An African fiction novel fits with my "wannabe" profile as a travel writer with extensive experience in Africa and the Middle East. Perhaps a couple fiction novels before the kids are old enough and can travel with me.
They have this home-schooling thing don't they, where I can take my kids and teach them all they need to know about maths and science and languages. Except it will be road schooling. That will be it, we will learn languages together. It will be my new angle. Enough of the Beach Buggy angle, it's time for the family travel angle. Travel with the wive and little Daniel, or little Sarah, or whatever my child's name is.
Please don't let me fall into the rut of life, let me retain the freedom which I crave.

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