Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Driving in Morocco is hectic. Slow moving mopeds, with no functioning lights or reflectors and the drivers not wearing helmets are the norm. Their loud motors buzz as they slowly move their way in and out of lanes as though the law doesn't apply to them.
Siham, my wife, used to work for a certain international American organization with volunteers all over the world. She had horror stories of volunteers who broke minor rules and got kicked out of the organization. No warning, just a plane ticket back to Washington and all their hard work and time invested in helping the communities where they'd been placed going up in smoke.
The latest story. A woman had to go and meet her supervisor. Some of these volunteers are way out in the sticks, twenty or more miles from a main road. This volunteer took her mountain bike to go and meet her supervisor. Gasp, she wasn't wearing a helmet. To think, not wearing a helmet, in the mountains where the nearest car might not be heard if it's muffler was broken.
She returned to the head office with her supervisor and was kicked out of the program. Kicked out! The next day she was on a plane to Washington.
Sorry, but what the fuck?
Is this what American Tax payers are paying for. Punishing a girl for not wearing a helmut in a country where there is no such law?
My next goal, to get a photograph of this poor girl's boss here in Morocco, cycling without a helmut.

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