Friday, June 30, 2006

The Meadowvale Boys

I needed a break from work and clicked on the Globe and Mail website yesterday. The recent terrorist arrests were of particular interest to me, and have been since the raids a couple weeks ago. The Canadian terrorists wanting to blow up CSIS in Toronto, raid the parliament buildings and cut the head of our PM off, etc, etc.
As I'm reading through the article I lean closer to double check something. No way!
The main terrorist suspects went to the same highschool as me, graduating a couple years ago. Meadowvale Secondary School.
My old stomping grounds was a haven for Islamic terrorists! There were quotes of text from one of the suspects wives, a girl who also went to Meadovale Secondary.
Her heros were Muslims who had died blowing up Americans and fighting Canadians in Afghanistan. She said Canada was a filthy country and she hated it.
Canada, a filthy country?
Have you been back to Pakistan lately?
She hates democracy and says it's Unislamic.
Are Muslim's not allowed to have a say in their future? I'm a Muslim and appreciate that right.
What's so unislamic about the concept of group consensus for leadership? I understand that most Muslim countries are run by the man who carries the biggest bat and will crush the most skulls to retain power. Is this the way you prefer?
Democracy isn't always perfect, but please, oh enlightened Nida, wife of reverred Islamic terrorist, give me your wisened option.
You praise Saudi Arabia's laws, yet did you hear the one about the virgin girl who got gang raped by five of her brother's friends. She was executed for being permiscuous and the five men, since they weren't married, weren't committing adultery. The courts agreed with the boys, even though doctors said she had been forced to have sex, repeatedly. And this isn't an isolated case, this is one of the stories that leaked out. Consider reading the book "Princess," by Jean Sasson. It might enligten you on the life behind the veil in your reverred holy land.

Another note, while I travelled through Saudi Arabia, during my three days there, I did not see a single woman. Not in a restaurant, not in a car, not shopping, not at one of the gas stations or at one of the many parks set up with big leafy trees and men pushing their boys on swings. Nowhere.

And you insult Canada?

Canada opened its doors to offer a better life to you and your family. My advice to the Canadian government is to take people who threaten our security and preach hatred, and revoke their citizenship. Perhaps such hate-filled people will find sanctity in a one-way ticket home and their names, honourably etched on Canada's blacklist.

One last note, Islam spread for many reasons, honour, kindness, hospitality, economic assistance.
Notice how hatred and intolerance are not on the list. These, if anything, are what stopped it from spreading.