Saturday, August 05, 2006

Advantages and disadvantages of Morocco

Morocco advantages:

Year round good weather.
Inexpensive golf.
Cheap fruits and veg.
Cheap labour: maids, mechanics, etc.
Cheap rent
Strong police presense
Women are usually very competent and hard working.
World class cuisine.
Cheap celphones.
Palm tree lined streets
The pirated DVD markets - a dollar a movie!
Shopping in the Medina.
Great hiking in the mountains.
Medieval markets of Fes and Meknes
Beaches in Agadir, Essauira, Saidia.
Art in Safi.
Gas in Oujda
Tagines at the side of the road.*
Great fresh fruits that change with the seasons.
Roman ruins of Volubulus.

Morocco Disadvantages:

Finding goats testicles in tagines for sale at the side of the road.*
Men are often lazy and incompetent, yet think they are the opposite. (From a Candaian man's perspective.)
Expensive used cars, gas, clothes and luxury foods like breakfast cereals.
Paying bills is a pain in the ass. You have to go wait in various sweaty offices in the centre of town.
Traffic is dangerous. People repeatedly run red lights. My wife obtained a driver's license several years before I met her, yet it took me two months to teach her how to drive. She hadn't the slightest clue how to signal, change gears, use the hand brake, change lanes, park, etc. Yet she had a Moroccan driver's license.
Corruption is rife.
There are no parks or fields for kids to play. The luckiest neighbourhoods might have a dirt patch nearby with soccer posts erected. In most neighbourhoods they play on potholed streets.
Quality of early education changes with family income levels.
No democracy. It's a monarchy.
Palm tree lined streets are nice, but when they put the palm tree right in front of a traffic light, blocking it from view, it's fricking dangerous.
Potholed streets.
High import tax on foreign goods. Most household things, furniture, electronics, appliances, etc, are imported.
The supermarket alcohol shops - talk about depressing. Ragged, stinking, zombi-like men buying the cheapest, nastiest booze money can buy.
Bureaucracy and the waits that go with it.
Pedestrians who never learned to look both ways before crossing the street.
Dogs roaming the streets, lack of animal control.

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