Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another terror plot uncovered...

Something I don't quite understand is, why do Pakistanis seem so involved recently? I could understand select Iraqies being pissed off at America. I could also understand a few ex-Talibans jumping onto the blow-the-Yanks-to-pieces-bandwagon. But what has the American government done to Pakistani Muslims to warrant such abject hatred. Helped the Pakistani government forge a tentative peace with India?

Sure, Bush isn't my favourite person and I disagree with, well, the majority of his foreign policy. But that doesn't make me want to murder American civilians. Sure, Israel is a thorn in the side of international peace, but that's a Palestinian problem. Besides, international terrorism in the past has only hurt their cause by increasing international resolve against those who partake in terrorism.

The majority of Palestinians are intelligent enough to realise that they need American help and sympathy to win their battle in the long term. There is also a significant element pushing for peace.

If the extremist elements within select Muslim societies are so intent on violent jihad and defending their Islamic brethren, perhaps they should go and defend the helpless Muslims of Darfur who are being slaughtered and displaced on a scale that makes American and Israeli campains seem like fairyland in comparison.

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