Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Going to another Moroccan wedding tonight....

Moroccan weddings can vary wildly. They can be wonderful affairs with amazing food, Bastillas (A chicken, almond pie, something between dinner and desert,) Meshwi (roasted lamb), Tagines, (stewed meat with sweetly spiced olive oil sauce), and more.
The meal can be followed by lively dancing and with bands playing and friends and family frolicking the night away.
On the other hand, they can be blatantly boring affairs, with only cookies and cakes and tea being served instead of real meals. The only excitement being the bride changing dresses every hour, leaving to a cacaphony of horns and drums, and returning the same way in a different dress, to sit with the groom on a raised couch surrounded by arranged flowers.
When you don't know anybody, it makes the whole affair that much duller.
The other downside is that they are non-alcoholic affairs. So if the wedding is extremely boring, you can't even have a few glasses of wine to take the edge off. Instead you just sit at your table, at worst in someones too-small yard or house where they cram as many tables as possible to fit, watching, waiting for something to happen. "Une autre biscuit monsieur?"
Meanwhile your sugar high from the tea and cookies is starting to make you feel as though someone punched you in the gut and you want to be sick.
I smile politely every time another person comes up to greet me and Siham.
"Enchante..." "Vous etes travaile avec Siham dans le Corps de Paix, ah bien..."

I'm hopeful that tonights affair will be more lively and fun. I'm told there is proper meals, so that's a good start already.

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