Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm surrounded by baby stuff.

My plan was to put off baby shopping to the last month. Why buy stuff when people who already had their babies might give it to you? Or better yet, relatives and friends will probably buy us new baby stuff.
That was my theory anyway. I mean, there are things we will need, and we definitely should start making a list. Bottles, diapers, blankets, etc. But big things can wait a little longer. Siham's not due for another four months!

Let me get something out. I'm cheap. Actually, I call it practical, Siham calls it cheap.
For example: One day, we were walking through a busy market and I saw lots of used strollers and prams for sale.
"Hey," I said, grabbing Siham's arm. "We can save money and buy a nice used pram."
She gave me a look as though it was reprehensable to even consider the idea, let alone say it out loud. "Yeah," she said, "very funny."
"What?" I said. "I'm serious."
"I'm not buying my baby used things."
So much for the clothes idea...

A few weeks later...

I'm surrounded by baby stuff. And baby stuff bought at an expensive baby store. I wasn't even there when she bought it (which is probably a good thing.) She just called me yesterday and said, "I'm going to buy the pram today."
And bam, here it is. But there's more - she also bought a baby bathtub, soft natural sponges, silk brushes, soothers, and more.
Not to mention the things we've collected over the last three months: matching Winnie the Pooh garbage pail, carpet and wallpaper; baby clothes; and a car seat to name but a few.

Siham thinks it's going to be a boy.
Just to be different, I'm guessing girl.

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