Friday, August 04, 2006

The stories that never make it.

In the course of my travels, when I decided I would actually write a book, dozens of people asked if they were going to make it into the story. Most of them didn't. I spent weeks hanging out at beaches, getting visas in cities and studying languages in classrooms with other students- yet I wrote very little about these times.
I'm sorry to say, 99% of the travellers I met weren't interesting enough to mention. Readers don't want to know about Joe the Australian accountant who barbequed every other night at the Nairobi campsite. They don't care about Bill and Suzie, lawyers from America who were going on Safari in a game park.

On the other hand, I did write about a Spanish couple who'd just been shot at, their windscreen smashed by a bullet and their reserve tank punctured and leaking from another bullet. I only knew them for five minutes, but they were interesting!

Sorry to all the people I met and spent copious amounts of time with. It was fun, but doesn't make for good writin'.

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