Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Strange dreams that won't let go.

In my dreams, I'm single again. I mean in my actual dream, as I'm asleep at night lying right next to my wife. At the start of the dream, I'm thinking about a girl, or girls, with the express thought that I should puff out my chest, make like I'm Casa Nova and go for it. After all, I am single and there's nothing holding me back!
Wait a second...
The realisation hits me, not disappointing, well perhaps mildly in that it refrains me from some sort of preditor like sport, but in an accepting sort of way - Oh yeah, I'm married, I can't do that.
My dream shifts onto something else, sometimes looping into the same dilemma as the dreamworld has me come across some other pretty lil thing. What should I say? Where should we go? I'm single and free to... Wait a second...
Oh yeah, I'm married!

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