Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Terror in Morocco

Terrorism is one of those things people both dread and, with some sick sense of fascination, hope to see every time they turn on the television. The same sick fascination which causes people to show up for hangings and other death sentences. Something in our psyche which craves violence and gore.

The Moroccan government claims to have smashed another terror network.

See link here

I love seeing these articles. It's a strike back at a sickness infesting most societies in the world today - a fanaticism which stresses violence as a means to strike back. At what? I'm not sure.

The current chapter I'm writing is about two opposite experiences I had when first travelling in the Middle East. A generous Muslim man who helped me, bought me lunch, and later lavished me with gifts, vs. fanatics who stole from my parked car and threatened to kill me the next day.

If these men are guilty of planning to kill people, possibly people I know here in Rabat, possibly me or my wife in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then I do hope they suffer. I know that's not the most humanitarian thing to say. But hey, I never claimed to be a bleeding heart liberal either.

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