Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tid bit of the month

Let's see for how many months I can keep this up. Tidbit of the month from my novel (which will hopefully be published some day) - Beach Buggy Safari.

This photo was taken by Jeff Radke from Alberta. We travelled together through a one-thousand kilometre stretch of hellish roads from Central Mozambique to Northern Mozambique. This wasn't the worst of it, the stretches I hated the most were the corrugated roads, like a massive sheet of corduroy, which hammered the car to bits and made several bolts, wires, and even parts fall off the car.

This was the first bed of water in a series of more than fifty rivers, ponds and massive puddles that challenged the buggy that day. The muffler had fallen off and we roared our way through the forest.
Unfortunately, camping wasn't an option. During the twenty year civil war, ending in 1992, millions of landmines were strewn throughout the countryside, particularly near roads and railway lines. An old railway ran parallel with much of the road. Every so often a wrecked train car or a blown out tank could be seen off to the side of the road. We also came across a UN land mine clearing team, but didn't wave, afraid we might distract one of them into oblivion.

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