Monday, August 14, 2006

Visiting Canada, cont'd

I was still fuming about Siham's visa, but was handcuffed to do anything. The search for help led me to my family's local MP back in Canada, who said she couldn't interfere, but reccommended a website with a list of extra documents that could be provided. So, I sucked it up, gathered the extra papers, paid seventy dollars, this time opting only for the single entry, and applied again.

I wrote a cover letter for Siham, summing up what she returned to the embassy with. The cover letter was designed to convey the facts, without being rude or angry, to show that the previous woman didn't do her job and was incompetent.

I started with mentioning she was rejected, and she felt the reason for the rejection was that she was married to a Canadian citizen. This was followed by a list of documents we were providing, with stars beside documents we hadn't provided before. (An invitation from my father, his income tax statement, my personal bank statements, a personal letter of reccomendation from Siham's boss. Photocopies of our car ownership and our gym memberships.)
I designed the list to start with the most obvious reason Siham should have been accepted, that the exact same application, save for the marriage certificate, had been good enough for visas to America, and Europe - none of which had ever been abused or overstayed.
I followed this by the typical requirements for a visa: proof of a good income, letter of employment, etc.

And with that, Siham went back to the embassy to apply again.

To be continued.

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