Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chavez claims Bush the Devil

While I might agree George Bush is a terrible president, in fact I could create an entire blog simply to bash his policy decisions. The deficit, inflation, anti-americanism throughout the world, alienating his closest allies, Valeri Plame, oil prices, Lebanon, Iraq, ... enough said!
But Chavez looks like the bigger idiot today. To get up on a podium, call George Bush the Devil, and say he smells sulphur in the air is childish and, well pathetic. You do a disservice to yourself Mr Chavez, and discredit every point you made in your ensuing speech by lowering yourself to such infantile name calling.
There is plenty of fodder to stand up in front of the world and call Bush an idiot, buffoon, liar or some clever spin on the axis of evil analagy. It would have been easy to embarass Bush's democratic Middle East stance by pointing out that the UN is only as democratic as the five veto wielding nations allow it to be and spin that into any number of his disasterous decisions. Some of this you did go on to point out, but all of your comments were undone by your Berlisconi-esque maturity level on the international stage.

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