Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dallair suggests Canada lead Darfur Peace Keeping force

Dallair suggest Canada lead Darfur Peace Keeping force.

Former Canadian General Romeo Dallair, who led the ill-fated peacekeeping mission in Rwanda, has called for a rally encouraging the Canadian military to participate in a mission in the Darfur region of Sudan.

While I agree the situation is dire in Sudan, and definitely want something to be done about it, the problem with Canada entering Darfur is that Sudan's xenophobic government is willing to deflect its own incompetence by criticizing any foreign Peace Keeping mission as one of anti-Islamic occupation. A very dangerous situation to get into, and the reason I'm against Canada leading such a mission.

Unfortunately, the world's options are extremely limited. Any UN threat of sanctions seem to almost always be blocked by China or Russia, who are willing to look the other way when their vested oil interests are at stake.

The Sudanese government has already stated a deadline for 'already insufficient' African Union force to leave. They also balked and cried, "Western conspiracy," at the mention of a stronger UN peacekeeping force as the replacement. Unfortunately, due to Afghanistan, and especially Iraq, the West has used up all their credits of trust in the Middle East. The Sudanese government is not beneath exploiting this fact.

I see this as a chance for the Muslim leaders of the world to stand up and show some credibility. Sudan's surrounding Muslim country's couldn't be accused of a Western Christian conspiracy to occupy Arab land. While country's such as Canada could be invited to provide logistical support, any such intervention should not be Canadian led or extend beyond an assisting role.

The question is, are Muslim countries up to the task? Now is their chance to stop crying Western interference and actually do something to right a major wrong occuring in their own backyard. All the while they would be offering the Sudanese government a respectable way out of a very bad situation.

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