Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dion makes his mark in the Liberal leadership race.

A full Dion write up is available at G&M.

Stephan Dion is a guy I can support. The current Tory government is muddling along. They are doing an adequate job, but not without a few controversial stances. I don't like how Harper seems too cozy with Bush. And as you can probably guage from my earlier comments on Lebanon, I really disagree with the supportive role he took for Israel.

Unlike some of the other Liberal leadership candidates, Dion doesn't come with the political baggage like Bob Rae's provincial economic mismanagment, or Ignatieff's support of the disastrous Iraq war.
His main weakness is that Quebec separatists don't like his strong federalist stance. While he may lose some Liberal support in parts of Quebec, his stance may well polarize the Quebec vote. In places inclined to vote separatist anyway, he will probably lose some of his limited support, but in districts more inclined toward Federalism, the negligent losses may be offset by potential gains. In our first past the post system, the possible polarizing effect on Quebeckers may actually turn into a Liberal advantage.

Dion has a chance to lead the Liberals to victory. As I said in an earlier post, Rae and Ignatieff threaten to hand the Conservatives an overall majority.

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