Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dion's G&M responses

While certainly not the worst of the candidates in the Globe and Mail Q&A so far, I don't think Dion hit a homerun either. He fielded very few questions, perhaps the least of all the candidates, and none of them particularly risque. His answers, while more concise than most candidates, were still a long way off from Findlay's who IMO, dominated the open forums thus far.
I'm still in the anyone but Rae or Ignaetieff camp. Cleverly, they have waited until the end of the pack to answer questions, if they answer them at all.
The Globe also did a survey, which was about as clear as mud. What I got out of it was that Ignatieff is leading now, but Rae and Dion are still within reach. I also understand that Rae has the most second ballot popularity and is favoured to win the big prize. In all honesty, if I had to, I'd choose Rae over Ignatieff because I totally disagree with Ignatieff's stance on Iraq. I want a Prime Minister who keeps a comfortable distance from the White House's current administration.
I'm hoping one or more of Dryden, Kennedy or Findlay drops out and supports Dion. While they are all impressive candidates, I don't see them winning. I do hope Findlay hangs on, pulls in a bit more experience and runs for the next leadership race because I do think she has the potential to make a great PM one day.

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