Monday, September 18, 2006

Hedy Fry: judgement of responses

In the Globe and Mail's question and answer today, Dr Hedy Fry fielded several questions. Something about her responses seemed overly thought out to the point of being irrational. She seemed to have a plan for everything from Quebec to green energy in Northern Canada to Afghanistan. I don't quite know why, but this bothered me. I'd rather have a politician not say they have a plan for everything we ask about, but rather to define the key challenges of an issue, penetrate more than just its surface, and provide one or more alternatives. This is especially important because even if the Liberals do win, it is likely to be a minority government. With a minority, plans go out the window and everything is give and take concessions, holding on by a string until the other parties get fed up and have another go at the cookie jar.
Hedy sounded like an inexperienced candidate for student council president, rather than an articulate and well thought out prime ministerial one. She tried to find the right answer to all the questions and impress everyone. Yet she rarely scratched the surface of an issue, or took on anything I would consider to be too challenging. At times I got bored and felt her rambling and dull. I also found it disappointing she took three hours to answer a limited number of questions that could have been done in half the time. I suspect Martha Hall Findlay went in with at least one pre-known question her friends sent in. Either that or she did her homework and quite cleverly studied the previous discussions. She seemed to have preplanned answers and responded in kind.
If it took Hedy Fry three hours to answer these questions, I suspect she hadn't done her preparation, which makes me think she wouldn't be organized as a leader.
If I were running, and I had the opportunity to field questions, I would be studying my ass off and have a commission of clever political minds around me to debate each question that has been asked so far. I'd also have friends send in pre-known questions so I can prepare answers in line with my political ideologies before the debate even begins. This is a serious fight for a serious position of power. Not a little game. Anyone who donated money to this woman in hopes of her mounting a serious Prime ministerial bid should be kicking themselves right now.

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