Thursday, September 07, 2006

Liberal Leadership Race comparison

Okay, so I've been procrastinating from my work on the Egypt chapter. The Globe and Mail, Canada's national newspaper, has been doing writeups on the various candidates for Liberal leadership, as well an article on the current Prime Minister. With the articles there is always a discussion forum for posters to write comments and discuss the issue. Not all of the candidates have been written up quite yet. I thought I'd do a poll based on the results of the discussions.

An article about the Bob Rae health plan.

Pro Bob Rae comments - 3
Neutral comments - 15
Anti Bob Rae comments - 29

Note: The majority of neutral comments were related to health care.

An Article about Scott Brison as a candidate

Pro Brison comments - 3
Neutral comments - 8
Anti Brison comments - 15

An article about Stephan Dion as a candidate.

Pro Dion comments - 20
Neutral comments - 7
Anti Dion commments - 6

A discussion about Stephen Harper's recent mediocre poll results

Pro Harper - 12
Neutral - 12
Anti Harper- 12

From memory - For Ignatieff, I recall a split between positive and negative comments, perhaps tipped more on the negative side due to Conservative partisan sniping. As in any Political open forum there always seems to be a degree of this sort of whining, and some of the negative and positive comments reflect that - such as the Dion debate drew anti-Liberal comments which I classified in the negative column. Such debates also tend to attract certain types of commenters more than others, ie - people who feel passionately one way or the other. I'm just reporting the numbers.
Hedy Fry had predominately bad commentary portraying her as a loose cannon, the comments section is no longer available.
In the Harper discussion, the topic seemed to spin off towards Afghanistan, which is only one facet of the decision making he is doing and I mostly discounted those comments as either neutral, or left them out of the count. Many of the comments on both sides of the spectrum seemed partisan sniping.

My conclusion falls in line with my previous assessment of the Liberal leadership race. That among the voting population, Rae is extremely unpopular. Brison and Fry are non-threatening candidates. Ignaetieff, while enjoying more support than Rae, still carries considerable political baggage for his Iraq support and apparant ruthlessness.
Dion's negative comments were predominantly Conservative whining and only a couple legitimately questioned him as a leader. One person mentioned his questionable English skills, but I might point out Chretien wasn't exactly a genius at the English Language either.

Smile of the day:
So, is Dryden left wing or right wing?
Neither, he was a goalie!

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