Friday, September 22, 2006

The perfect mobile phone

It seems mobile phones get more intricate by the week. From the huge clunky military style unit which started off the craze, to the clunky carphones which cost so much you needed to take out a second mortgage, to your modern day pay-as-you-go pipsqueak with all the bells and whistles.

What would your perfect mobile phone be?


Obviously a camera with video capability would be standard, as high a quality as you could squeeze into the little sucker. Night vision included.
Size options, the normal slim mobile, or the big blackberry mini keyboard and a larger screen.
It would have the processing capacity of a modern day laptop.
Storage capacity similar to an IPOD.
Removable storage units like the ones in digital Cameras.
A home unit that hooks up to monitor and peripherals so the phone can be turned into a PC. The home unit would include a booster to increase speed and Ram.
In some Asian cities, cell phones have begun to tap into the wireless internet community and can make calls through programs like Skype. Such accessibility would be a standard option. Recognition of the cheapest possible call rate.
A GPS unit, with a car kit that speaks to you.
Shock resistant and waterproof.
Satellite phone for the middle of nowhere coverage.
Satellite internet capability.
For the larger version, the option of video games, like a miniplaystation, which could tap into the wireless community.
A video projector, as seen in this article, would be a cool option. As the projectors get more advanced, something with the power of a modern day projector would be amazing. You could project the information onto a screen and work on your computer or watch movies through high speed internet connectivity.
Why not have it replace car keys and house keys as well, using a special signal to unlock cars, and start them like the slide-in card keys do.
Car adapters which turn the phone into a speaker phone.
Thumb print identification/unlocking.
Attachable antenna for two-way radio communication.
Modern cars could include standard celphone options that hook right into the car. Diagnostic capabilities, fuel efficiency, time until next service.
Offshoot business options - Mobile car service teams who, while you're busy somewhere, can race in with a team, service the car, oil change, filter, anything else that needs servicing, and zoom away in the time it takes you to finish your grocery shopping. All thanks to the diagnostic tools. This could help manufacturers extend car warranties and be the much needed quality injection companies like Ford desperately need.

All right Microsoft, Linux, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Ford, Toyota and Honda. I've given you a glimpse of the next generation of ideas as I see them. Now get working. I expect my car and mobile phone package to be ready by 2010.

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