Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Perhaps they can teach something to Moroccans

See article on how chimpanzees learn how to cross roads safely.

Now, I know it sounds somewhat bad, but driving here in Morocco sometimes really makes my blood boil.
Let me start by saying there are some very intelligent people here, way smarter than me. But there are also some experiences which just leave me scratching my head.
Just today, I was driving down a nearby street. From an unseen dirt path not far ahead, a moped, with an old Moroccan man and his fat wife behind him, burst out into the middle of the road. He didn't slow down or even look to see if I might be coming.
I didn't hit him, or really have to brake hard, but I couldn't help but think, "What if..."
What if I'd left the appartment two seconds earlier?
What if I'd pressed the gas just a little harder all the way down that road?
The answer: The guys face would have been imprinted onto my damn hood and I'd be in a shitheap of trouble trying to explain what happened to the police.
The chimps figured this crap out, perhaps they should come to Morocco and teach some of the not so intelligent locals.

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