Friday, September 08, 2006

Top ten reasons for voting Dion

10) He's actually lived in Canada for most of the last thirty years.
9) He speaks the best French of all the candidates.
8) He hasn't led a province into fiscal disaster.
7) His campain thankfully says nothing about, "Dion Days."
6) He wouldn't be George Bush's lapdog.
5) He might actually lead the Liberals back into power.
4) He's never emailed an investment banker with tips about upcoming income trusts.
3) He never wrote a paper on how a preemptive strike against Iraq was the right thing to do.
2) He pisses off the separatists, who all vote Bloc Quebecois anyway.

And the Number one reason to elect Stephan Dion

1) Americans can still refer to our Prime Minister as Steve, thus avoiding potential confusion at the White House.

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