Sunday, October 15, 2006

Advice for aspiring writers.

1) Legitimate publishers and agents don't advertise in magazines. These are vanity publishers, and no matter how bad your work is, they will tell you it's good enough to publish, but they want to split the costs of publication.
2) Real agents and publishers NEVER ask you for money. If an agent or publisher asks you for money, it is a scam, designed to take money from aspiring authors. You will never see a cent of that money returned.
3) If an agent thinks your work has the potential to make them money, they will represent you and take a commission on the money you make. They won't ask for an advance, ever.

4) And my last piece of advice, which I've mentioned way back when starting this blog, is to go to the website
Even if you only submit one piece of your work, (you have to critique others to get feedback yourself) you will learn something.

Okay, I should stop procrastinating on my blog now and get back to work.

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