Friday, October 06, 2006

An early turning point for the Leafs

I know it's only the second game of an 82 game season, but if there was ever a turning point in the Leafs fortunes, it occurred last night. Coming off a 4-1 loss at home, heading to their arch-rivals home arena, I feared a repeat of last season, where the buds were continually undressed and embarassed by a powerful Ottawa team.
Last night, the Leafs responded. In fact, they did the undressing of Ottawa, in a romping 6-0 victory.
I only wish I could have watched the game. Not even the radio internet link worked, whether it was my connection, software, or just too much traffic. The internet was acting funny last night, this blog wouldn't come up at all and another site kept crashing on me.
Go Leafs Go.

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