Monday, October 30, 2006

Flying from Fes to England today

Ryan Air discount carrier has just begun flights between London and Morocco. My ticket, leaving Fes tomorrow (Tuesday Oct 31st) and returning Thursday, cost only 64 Euros for the return trip. At that price, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to head to the city of rain, curry and shopping.
With a baby due Nov 25th, I'm leaving it a little late. But there wasn't much ticket flexibility, the cheap flights only started this week.
The plan is to fly in, stay with a friend, buy as much as I can (within the 25 kilogram plane weight restrictions) and fly back to Morocco on Thursday morning.

Ryanair flies to three different airports in Morocco. Fes, Marakkesh, and Oujda.
From these three airports, they fly to three different European destinations. Marseilles, Frankfurt and London.

Tickets can cost as little as thirty Euros, if you are flexible and play with the dates.

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