Thursday, October 12, 2006

Harpercrite strikes again

Harper the hypocrite says Liberals are anti-Israeli.

I'm tired of the Israeli card being played, over and over and over again, as though the rest of the world should be held accountable for saving their few remaining numbers from the Germans in WWII. The holocaust was awful, tragic and the blackest mark in mankind's recent history. But that doesn't give Israel the right to commit war crimes today. Nor should it give them the power to protest and lobby every time someone points out one of their murderous mistakes. The most recent case being a war crime committed in Qana. But the list is long and very disturbing.

Ignatieff called it right, saying Qana a war crime, but he also reiterated that war crimes were committed by both sides.

I don't support Hezbollah and think their claim to victory is a baffling joke. They merely rode out the storm, fired a few rockets from their hidden bunkers and tunnels, killed the odd Israeli, and disappeared again. Meanwhile Israeli retribution destroyed the infrastructure of Lebanon and resulted in ten times the casualties, military and civilian, than Israel themselves suffered. I don't see how being the underlying cause of the destruction of one's country can be considered any kind of victory for Hezbollah, moral or otherwise.

Moving on, Harper should not blindly support Israel while ignoring the devestation felt by the Lebanese people. The region is a pit of snakes, and unless you tread carefully, you're going to get bitten.

Ignatieff is first lambasted for saying he didn't lose any sleep over the deaths in Qana.
I feel bad about them, but I didn't lose any sleep either. Admittedly, it was a bad choice of words.
He compensates by saying Israel committed war crimes in Qana.
Suddenly the Jewish lobby is up in arms and like a little kid in a playground, Harper jumps up and down and calls Ignatieff anti-Israel.

Harper - what happened in Qana was a war crime. How does pointing out the fact make Ignatieff anti-Israeli?

I'm disappointed in the media for reporting such drivel.
I'm disappointed in Harper yet again.
And I'm disappointed in swathes of the Canadians for following Harper's idiotic line as can be seen by the comments page of the G&M article about Harper's anti-Israeli accusation. I thought Canadians on the whole were smarter and better capable of seeing a situation for what it was.
Blindly nodding at whatever BS a country's leader happens to say has been an American problem recently (sorry to the American minority who doesn't blindly nod.) Apparantly it's a Canadian phenomonon as well.

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Johnny Ong said...

hezbollah's action could have indirectly caused a construction cost of billions of dollars to re-build.