Sunday, October 15, 2006

Leafs are on track.

It's been a promising start for Toronto. What surprises me the most about the league right now is the closeness of it. It's not only going to be the Maple Leafs in a dogfight to make the playoffs, it's going to be a dozen or more teams in each division.
The key for the Leafs will be consistency, they can't afford to take a mid season slump like last year. It killed them.
Sundin's 500th goal puts him at sixth most among active players. Ahead of him are Pierre Turgeon 511, Joe Niewendyk 561, Joe Sakic 575, Jaromir Jagr 593 and Brendan Shannahan 602.
The only player who might be out of reach in the long term is the younger Jaromir Jagr.

Far from dominating, the Leafs may have taken points on five of their six games, and five straight since their first game. Yet under the old system, their record would be 2 wins, 1 loss and 3 ties, or just one win over the .500 mark.
Nothing to get excited about.

The Senators are another team who will be in the dogfight after losing highly touted defenseman Chara to Boston and potential MVP Martin Havlat to the Chicago Blackhawks. Currently sitting atop of the scoring race, Havlat is a major factor in an apparant turnaround of the Blackhawks so far this season.

Ottawa seems to be the victim of salary cap limitations, if not their own stupidity. Their good drafting, trading and team building led them to become, "Le dynasty de merde," or one of the best teams to never amount to anything. They are dissolving faster than Calgary Flames who dumped superstar after superstar in an early nineties cleanout. The difference being the Flames dynasty actually won a cup before trading their best players for second and third liners. (Doug Gilmour for Gary Leeman teehee.)
Highly touted goaltender Gerber has shown signs of potential , but on other nights has been more reminiscent of The Goober.

I'm still laughing over the sweep of Ottawa by Toronto in the playoffs a few seasons back. Jeez, I lived in Ottawa then. I've been in Africa for five years!

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