Saturday, October 07, 2006

Wake up America!

America today reminds me of dysfunctional African countries and their unspirited, at times fearful, acceptance of the people in power. "They will steal their share and then someone else will take their turn," tends to be the common line.

People in Iraq are being blown up, rounded up and shot, and tortured worse than at any time under Saddam Hussein's regime.

The Valerie Plame affair still confuses the hell out of me as to why it just was just shruggingly reported. It's as though it's no big deal that Bush told a deliberate lie to the American public in order to justify the Iraq invasion, and then when called on that lie, Bush (and we all know the decision came from him) punished the whistle blower by committing a federal (national security endangering) offence by revealing the name of a CIA agent (who happened to be the whistle blower's wife.)

Watergate, Lewinski? They don't even compare!

Yet the biggest headlines dominating American media in the last six months is about a Republican's innappropriate comments to a young man. Not a boy, but a young man, and there is a significant difference! Sixteen year olds are old enough to go to war in the United States, which IMO, can be vastly more emotionally scarring than a few dirty gay comments posted over the internet by some old codger.

Murder, war crimes, torture, who cares.
An old gay politician caught writing a dirty comment to a young man. Prepare the guillotine, American values are under threat.

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