Saturday, November 25, 2006

African Adventure family travel

As a new father, holding dark-haired little Zack in my arms, I reflect on how my parents did the same with me, and their parents with them, and so on. Seeing Zack reminds me of photos of my grandfather, and my father and even myself as a child.

With my travel writing, I also wonder about my future. I'm fairly confident that I will get published. I've put that much time and effort into being a travel writer, and gotten enough positive feedback from respected peers (and it wasn't always positive) that I feel it's just a matter of time.
With a little crying baby though, I wonder if my African adventurer days are over. So, what's my career path? While the adventure travel writing may be on hold, it doesn't necassarily have to end...

The plan:

Stage one: get the current book published.
Stage two: Hammer through the article writing world and start a second book. Possibly work towards a degree in journalism.

Stage three: In Canada, there is a law that allows parents to provide their children with home-schooling. I'm providing a new twist to this, and call it road schooling. What if, in ten years, I take Zack out of school for a year and into Africa. Let's say we stop for a couple months in Morocco to visit the family and practice his Arabic and French. Onto West Africa and down through the Congo, practicing French with mom and English with Dad all the way. Stop in Angola to learn Portuguese for several months, with a private tutor, while I hammer in maths and sciences. The geography will come from teaching him to use a GPS, not to mention the borders we are crossing and the places we are visiting. As a writer, I'm the perfect candidate to teach him grammar and work on various books. What other subjects are there? Gym - we'll take long hikes, mountain climb, and play rubgy in both Morocco and Angola. History, each country we pass through I'll be reading books about their history and pass them onto him with fun lessons. Art, we'll visit the various artisans throughout different countries. Sculptures in Zimbabwe, pottery and painting in Morocco. Computers - I'll set him up with a blog so he keeps up his writing prowess, and make sure he has his own website which he learns to program by himself.

Perhaps I'm being a bit too keen. He is only ten days old after all!

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