Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Al Jazeera English arrives

I used to check out the news online at but quickly got fed up with the ridiculousness of their reporting. For the same reason I never bother with Fox news or CNN;
on, everything was turned into a ranting Israeli or American conspiracy and the tone of it was bordering on fundamentalist nonsense. On the one hand, I welcomed the idea of an Arab perspective to counterbalance the extreme opposite nonsense of Fox news and CNN, but it became more like Fox, if not even worse.

While I can't exactly blame Al Jazeera for anti-American reporting, considering the US bombed their stations at the beginning of the Afghan war, and as if to say, "That wasn't actually a mistake," they bombed them again at the beginning of the Iraq war. Whether it was before or after these instances they stopped reporting real news and focused on being a puranical anti-American and anti-Israeli media outlet I'm not sure. However to gain any clout in my books, they should try to at least emulate the self critical mentaility of the BBC who report for integrity and even go so far as to question and expose the incompetences of themselves.

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