Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My last word on the Liberal Leadership race, for now.

Let me start by saying that before this race started, I would have voted for Harper before voting for either of the two front runners, Bob Rae or Michael Ignatieff. That has now changed for reasons stated in earlier blogs. In fact, I would now vote for a retarted monkey before voting for Stephen Harper.

The three front runners.

Bob Rae - The problem with Bob is that Ontario despises the memory of his being in power. He left office with something like 17% of the vote. While some of his failures can be attributed to bad times, he was still a dismal Premier. With Ontario being the largest voting province, combined with it being the Liberals heartland, it doesn't bode well for Rae's chances of going on to win a federal election. That said, I think he is perhaps the most capable candidate. I think his intellect matches that of Ignatieff and his policies and stances are generally more in line with mine.

Iggy - I still struggle to understand why such a profound acedemic supported the Iraq war. Otherwise, you are the perfect candidate. I would vote for you above the others if it weren't for that one blip on your resume. I'm at odds to say whether your folly is worse than Rae's botched premiership or not. Ballot wise, perhaps not. But moral wise, it's still a position I can't get over. That said, your criticising stance on Israel, while lambasted in the media, bodes well with me. I don't hate Israel, but that doesn't mean I love them either.
Something else that seems to be dogging you is the Quebec Nation issue. It's something that stirs up a lot of sentiment among Canadians, yet for me it is a non-issue. Calling Quebec a Nation is like calling a tree a living thing. What's the point of harping on the fact when it is what it is. I don't see the need for any official "Nation" recognition. The stance neither bothers me nor makes me want to endorse you.
All that said, I object to Kennedy's anti-nation stance. He seems to be shooting for the federalist vote by taking a side and focusing on how Quebec isn't a nation. It is, look up the meaning of Nation on Wikipedia, read it ten times so the confusing vagueness of it begins to make sense, and get over it!

Dion - Here's the man I endorsed earlier, and still endorse. Not because I think he's the most intelligent candidate. Nor the best leader of the bunch, but because he is the most likely to beat Harper. Dion's weakness may lie in his federalist stance in Quebec, and his middling spoken English, but neither is in my opinion as bad as Ignatieff's Iraq invasion support or Rae's Ontario premiership. (Kennedy already killed his French vote by whining about Quebec Nationhood.)

To summarise, anyone but Harper, although Dion has the best chance to unseat this muppet.

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