Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bloc leader threatens to overthrow tories over Afghan mission

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't like Stephen Harper or his idoitic bend-over-for-Bush style of government. To me, his policy has so far been equivilant of copying ideas from the world's political village idiot.
But I have to take his side on Afghanistan. We went there to complete a mission as part of NATO. To faff about and not put our boys in the line of fire would threaten to lose all that NATO has fought for so far. My biggest critisism is against other countries for not keeping up with their own war promises and insisting their troops are placed in safe and easy mission areas.
I'd rather Canada be the brave ones there to die for the sake of not only the betterment of the Afghan people, but for the safety of the world from twisted tyrants like the Taliban. We should be increasing our committment so we can get these nutjobs out of there once and for all, rather than be stuck there forever.
That said, the Taliban did have their assets. Peopler were deathly afraid to commit crimes and they had a brutal stamping out of corruption. Deathly and brutal stamping bad - No theft and no corruption good. With the new lax government, the fear is gone and the corruption which led to the extremist Taliban is coming back. A plan must be made to curb these problems, for they are the few cards the Taliban hold at the moment.

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