Thursday, December 21, 2006

Harper calls Hamas genocidal.

It doesn't bother me that Harper is critical of Hamas and Hezbollah. What bothers me is his consistent blindness to the other side of the story. Israel is not innocent and while it is right to condemn the hard-core destruction lines of Hamas and Hezbollah, one must also stand up and condemn Israel's near polar opposite Zionist-apartheid mentality. Like it or not, Hamas and Hezbollah are both democratically powerful forces in the region. The world can condemn and ignore them into further radical isolation - or try to lure them into a more moderate approach. Harper seems to be good at adding lines like "within a United Canada" to important statements. Why not push Hamas to add a line such as "Under the current conditions of aggression, occupation and oppression..." to their non-recognition of Israel's right-to-exist stance.

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