Saturday, December 23, 2006

I still can't get over that AIDS statistic

More or less, I guesstimate that at least 5 billion a year is earmarked towards AIDS by governments and charities.

Say half of that goes to research and the other half to awareness campaigns.

2.5 billion dollars of gov't money, not the money paid by drug companies to create cheap drugs for people - that is perhaps ten times more.

This is how I do the math in my head.
Assume each researcher gets a generous $100,000 per year.
For a million dollars you get ten researchers.
For ten million dollars you get one hundred researchers.
For one hundred million - one thousand.
For one billion, ten thousand.
For 2.5 billion - twenty-five thousand researchers.

So, I repeat again. It took twenty years and twenty-five thousand researchers to prove the statistic that being circumcised greatly reduces the odds of a man contracting HIV.

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