Monday, December 11, 2006

No more Victorian Chocolates!

It's a big occasion. Someone's just had a baby, or it's Christmas, or a birthday, or that hated yet unfirable colleague at the office has finally left. You want to celebrate the occasion, so you head to the local supermarket and find the sweets aisle. Chocolate bars, gummy bears, toffees, and then the special occasion boxes and tins of chocolates. In Canada, there's Turtles, Pot of Gold, Toffifee, Quality Street, and a two dozen other brands of recognisable and unrecognizable quality.
Here in Morocco it's similar, except you see perhaps two or three good brands. After Eights (did you hear the one about the guy who bought a packet of After eights? He died at 7:30.) Quality Street, Toffiffee. There are also, among a dozen other crap boxes of chocolates, these Quality Street ripoffs called Victoria chocolates. Same colourful packaging. Small medium and large round containers, and inside, the dodgiest, waxy, all taste exactly the same chocolates. No toffee centre, no strawberry or orange flavour, just this bland, more brown food colouring than chocolate, sugary lumps of disappointment.
When you're next at the supermarket and thinking of buying something for a special occasion, don't go for the cheap chocolates. Go for the real deal, the tried and tested ones. If your money is tight, buy the smaller box rather than subject your friends to the let down of opening a beautiful shiny package only to taste wax-laced sewer drivel.

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