Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tories look to consult public on Senate choices

I consider myself somewhat more clued in than the average Joe on politics in Canada. But I have to admit, I can't think of the name of a single Canadian Senator at this time. So why the hell would I vote for one? A popularity contest to see how many people have actually heard of Senator Jane Doe representing Frogsfart North West Territories?
While I think democracy is the least imperfect of all political structures, there is a limit on a constituent's mind. We already vote for our national leader through a local representitive MP (most of which are unknown), We also elect a provincial premier, a mayor for the city and even a local representitive for whatever Ward we happen to be part of. The Senate, while technically they have the power to block legislation, they never do. Rather, they are simply elitists who provide regional representation, are appointed for life (or until they reach 75) and act as little more than a debating board so that legislation gets a thoughtful comb over before being passed.
Come on Harper! The people of Canada elected YOU, through regional MPs to make decisions for us. We don't need more voting, we have enough already, and it costs money! If there was a contraversial senator, then I think the Canadian public would let them know they wanted them out.
Otherwise, let it be. Why tinker with something that has worked well for over one-hundred years!

How many Canadians can name a single Canadian Senator?
How many can name their local MP?

Why am I even babbling on about this, I've wasted way more time than I should have.

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