Saturday, January 13, 2007

Baby photos and digital cameras.

Now I'm sure there must be a way to quicken the digital camera's response time, likely at the expense of a high-definition photo.
Catching baby Zack in a smiling mood happens every so often, keeping him smiling while I run to the next room for a camera is something else. If I do happen to come back to a smiling baby boy, the next trick is not having his eyes bug out when the clunky camera is being held over his face and the flash goes off.
Smiles tend to come in short bursts, a second or two, to a few seconds, or the rare ten second gummy smile of joy.
Trying to keep the big gummy smile during the three second delay from when I press the button to when the digital camera shoots is the hardest part of all. Regardless, here's a few photos. Meanwhile, I'm gonna try and figure out a way to make the camera take faster photos.

G'morning Mommy and Daddy.

YES! I finally got a smile on Camera!

Doh, I forgot what I was supposed to do at 2pm. Oh yeah, it's time for a big poo!

Zack's sleeping pose.

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