Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dirt Cheap flights

I was playing around with flights today, seeing where it's cheap to fly, where it's expensive, etc. I noticed easyjet flies from Casablanca to Madrid. The flights open up starting February 22nd. If I wanted to get a cheap flight now, I could fly from Casa to Madrid, return, for under fifty Euros! A great way to get a shopping fix in at a big city. In fact, it's something I might do in order to get some last minute purchases for my big trek through the Atlas Mountains in March/April.

Madrid is also an interesting gateway to Orlando where my parents live in the winter (because of the large hispanic population I assume). For me to fly easyjet to Madrid and catch another flight from Madrid to visit my parents in Orlando is perhaps the easiest route between the two countries. Using www.orbitz.com, tickets from Madrid to Orlando cost as little as 600 Euros, return and with taxes included - maybe even less because I didn't play with the dates.

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Amy Alex said...

Now a days every airline are offering cheap flights i remember that P.I.A have no cheap flights from UK to Islamabad but right now i have booked flights to Islamabad from Heathrow it is very cheaper and reasonable for all kinds of passengers.