Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Getting there thanks to Apple.

Several months ago, I blogged about what I thought the perfect mobile phone would be capable of. The newest Apple Iphone, to be released in the US in June, comes pretty close to hitting the mark. Think about it, no more need for a dozen gadgets - mobile phone, ipod, GPS system, camera, regular phone, etc. Now, everything you need, well almost, is on the new Iphone.

It will retail at $499-$599, a bargain if you take into account the product bundle you are getting.

A two megapixel digital camera, $100
A colour GPS system with Google maps - $200
An IPOD - $100
A mobile phone with big screen and wireless internet capability - $300

And its all in one handy device.

My other ideas have yet to be applied, but it's only a matter of time before the Iphone gets complimentary products. Wireless technology will soon reach another level. No more need for USB cables! Printers, keyboards, mice, monitors - everything will be done through wireless. Home computer? Simply put the iphone on it's chargable mounting, and the wireless monitor turns on. The keyboard is ready to go, the printer too. The Iphone is probably as powerful as the best computers were ten years ago.

A car adapter radio kit so the Iphone recharges, plays music, makes and receives phone calls, and navigates for you while you drive. Perhaps even a steering wheel option like some radios have so that you can drive while choosing music, making calls or adjusting the GPS. The Apple steering wheel? Wireless of course.

Theft recovery thanks to the GPS technology.

Now Mr Jobs and Apple people, I don't mind if you take my ideas. Really, I have no plans to implement them and I will not sue you. But hey, it would be damn nice if, one of these ideas happened to inspire you, that you add me to your list of people who get free stuff. I'm a travel writer after all, and the Iphone can be as much a travel tool with its GPS technology, music and camera as it is a device for high powered executives.

That's Daniel Sturgis. You can visit my website, for my contact details.

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