Thursday, March 29, 2007

MGoun trek put off

A number of factors have caused me to put off my trek to Mount MGoun for a month or so. I'm actually happy, seeing as the weather seems to have made a turn for the worse (the final factor in the decision.)
Some freak cold front has come down from Norway (damn Norwegians!) When I set the dates a few weeks back, the temperature was warming up and the trek was looking good.

Originally, I had about sixteen people on the list to possibly do the trek. I booked it this week so as to coincide with the school spring break and take along my friend's family.
They were the first to cancel due to work related issues.
So we were down to ten, of which four I was still waiting to hear from. One by one, those four said no, also mostly for work related reasons.
So we were down to six.
Monday, three days before the trek, my Peace Corps friends, having given plenty of prior notice to their bosses about wanting to do the trek, were told they could not go.
I have a lot of respect for Peace Corps Volunteers throughout the world. To me, they epidomize the spirit of development work. They go to developing countries, are given a meagre wage to live on, and help the local communities they are placed in. I don't blame these guys at all for cancelling. They had told me from the beginning that there was a slight outside chance that Peace Corps management would say no. (Although the volunteers couldn't possibly imagine why.)
And what did the management say... "No."
Danger was mentioned, and that management wanted to keep track of them, not knowing the area, etc.
Give me a bleeping break.
We're talking about adults, not seven year old kids.
They asked a few weeks in advance. And the management waited until four days before the trek to say no. I could go on and rant for pages, but suffice to say something is wrong, somewhere, and let you figure out the rest.

Before I get myself in trouble by spouting out stories of incompetence, I'll end this piece.

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