Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Moroccan vs American highways

In my recent post about America, I did a random count of 100 vehicles on the highway. Breaking it into three categories, Guzzlers, mid size, and economic cars, I just finished a similar count in Morocco.

American cars breakdown
Guzzlers - 58%
midsize - 31%
Economy - 11%

Moroccan cars breakdown
Guzzlers - 13%
Midsize - 29%
Economic - 51%

As you can see, Morocco is almost the polar opposite of the US. Another note, many of the midsize cars here in Morocco served a purpose. Five were Mercedes taxis transporting people, and several others were van-car hybrids transporting goods. In Florida, during the count, I didn't see a single compact (very small) car. Here in Morocco, ten of the 51 cars I counted as economic were compact.

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