Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Canadian Afghan transfer report.

It has recently come to light that the Canadian conservative government, at best turned a blind eye to Canada's policy of transferring prisoners to Afghan authorities, despite knowing the prisoners were almost certain to be tortured or killed. At worst, our government encouraged this policy.
For me, there's a much bigger issue. We went into Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban, and in doing so, replace them with a better regime. A regime with respect for international law, who didn't harbour evil men who commit murder at will. Instead, we are now helping a different, but not necessarily less evil group of thugs, carry out their dirty work.

Our mission has failed!

We have even sunk lower than the Human Rights abuses committed by our American neighbours. Guantanimo may be wrong, but prisoners are not tortured to death, just tortured. In Iraq, as in any dirty and prolonged war, American transgressions are inevitable. What makes Canada's prison transfer to Afghan authorities worse is that the US government makes an effort to hold its soldiers accountable for their abuses. The Canadian government IS accountable for the terrible deaths of Afghan prisoners transferred into the wrong hands. They knew what was going on, and rubber stamped their approval.
It's a sad day for me. I had supported our committment to rebuilding Afghanistan. I was under the impression that we were doing the right thing.
The current Afghan regime is more corrupt than the Taliban.
The curreng regime abuses human rights more freely than the terrible Taliban did. At least the Taliban seemed to have a Sharia court system, which is far from ideal, but at least it's a judicial process. There seems to be no such thing now. Guilty until proven innocent is preferrable to guilty until proven dead. Or for the lucky ones, guilty until enough bribe money is paid.

Thanks to Harper and his government's complicity, this is the first time I've joined the chorus of people calling for Canada to leave Afghanistan. Up until now I was a staunch supporter of our idealogical mission to rebuild the country and help the long-suffering Afghani people. We haven't improved things, we've been contributing to an equally evil problem. Sure, we built a school or fixed a road. We've fought the Taliban who murder civilians to make political points. But we are no better because of our treatement of those suspected of being part of the Taliban. If our boys are not there to make things better, its time get the hell out!

Stephen Harper, you have blood on your hands. Not only Afghan blood, but Canadian blood, for such brutal policy will only beget brutal retaliation. Be it against our soldiers in Afghanistan, or against our civilians in Canada.

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