Thursday, April 05, 2007


I've been using myspace for months. I hoped friends would show up in my highschool list, and I figured that despite it's numerous faults, was the best option out there.
I was wrong.
Facebook is one-hundred times better, and I'll tell you why.
The highschool section works. It doesn't send you messages that new people are there, yet there are no new people - and the new people listed on myspace have been around for months. I've also come across a dozen good friends from my highschool in three days. I haven't come across a single highschool pal on myspace in over six months.
I edited my myspace page to look cooler, but now certain things don't work. Facebook seems to go by the KISS mentality - Keep It Simple Stupid - You've got your details, your wall, your friends and groups, your mini-feed, photo albums (which aren't restricted to a dozen pics.)
I find the songs and videos distracting on myspace, not to mention they slow the page down.
Myspace videos almost all SUCK! 99% of the time they're not funny, or interesting. They're just irritating, and the popular ones use words like "SEX" or "Funniest thing ever" to get people to click on them. The whole environment reminds me of the kindergarten potty mouth, which might have been funny at the time, but is just annoying now.
Finally, the facebook layout isn't filled with flashing advertisement junk. I'm up to 24 friends in four days and am in touch with my highschool crowd for the first time since leaving Canada over six years ago.
Funnily enough, most of them seem to have joined recently - in the last week or so. Perhaps they all read the same Globe and Mail article that I did.

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