Thursday, April 19, 2007

London schomdon.

I was playing around with dates on Easyjet, and mentioned London to my wife. We were both keen on the idea, and she still is, but suddenly it hit me, London is just too expensive. I'm used to travelling alone, and in Africa, where a twenty dollar hotel is expensive.
On my Cape Town to England journey, when I got to Europe, my tent came out and I spent the majority of my nights either in campsites, youth hostels, or the best option, crashing for free at a friend's place.
Going to London, the plane tickets might be cheap, but that's about the only thing. To find a hotel, for two people plus a baby, it's sixty pounds a night. It doesn't sound like much - sixty pounds, but that's one-hundred-and-twenty American dollars!
Five nights, that's six-hundred dollars just on hotels.
Add the two hundred bucks for the plane ticket, and we've spent $800.
Food; even if we make two meals a day, which never seems to happen. Probably another fifty bucks a day - $250.
Tourist sites, museums, the London Eye. Say a modest $150.
Transportation, five day transport pass - I'm pretty sure it's not Spain - $200.
Shopping - Baby clothes, Siham clothes, things not available in Morocco.
The real kick in the gut, Siham's visitor's visa - one-hundred pounds - two hundred dollars.
The cheap $200 tickets with Easyjet quickly turned into an $2000 vacation.
I can afford $200. But for $2000, I could probably get a great two-week package deal for Egypt or Turkey or somewhere in Asia.
I could even get to Canada and visit with my family. London, as a single traveller staying with a friend might work. Unfortunately, a family trip there just isn't a viable option for us right now.

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