Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Immigration Hell - Part II

Applying for a residence visa to Canada is a lot of work. All in all, close to fifty pages are filled out. Police certificates, medical certificates, tax information, income information, photocopies, proof of continuing relationship, marriage certificates and more are put into the application.
It took us a couple months, working at a snails pace, gathering one document at a time, before we had our application ready. We mailed it off to Canada about eight months ago and haven't heard back. We're supposed to hear something within six weeks, even if it's a letter to say we are somewhere in the processing system. In February, I called someone in immigration and there is no record of our application even arriving.
Either its been lost, or got mishandled somewhere in the process.
So we've started filling out and gathering the documents all over again.
It's especially frustrating after the time we've had with visitor's visa applications. It is possible it got lost in the mail. It is also possible some prick dropped it in the garbage bin, or lost it intentionally. We'll never know.

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