Friday, August 10, 2007

Sunscreen, the supposed life saver, can be dangerous.

I've known about the dangers of antiperspirant for a long time. They are thought to be cancerous, and as such, I've only ever used just the basic deodorant.
Now I hear about the trusted sunscreen. The product people were buying to protect themselves from the dangerous UV rays sneaking through the ozone layer. Such a saviour product can't dangerous, can it?
On the website, they rate different cosmetics for harmful chemicals. For sunscreens, there are two categories, one being effectiveness blocking out the suns harmful rays, and the other danger from other chemicals either untested or known to have negative side effects.
The results are startling.
Avon and coppertone, two well known brands, have particularly terrible ratings in both categories. Coppertone kids sunscreen scores a seven out of ten on their overall danger chart, including a 9 in the chemical health hazard category. Their waterbabies sunscreen scores an eight in the same category!
Other baby sunscreens have similar dismal ratings. And we are using them to protect our little darlings!
Some familiar names with high hazard ratings are: Walgreens; Neutrogena; Hawaiian Tropic; most products from AVON; most products from coppertone; estee Lauder; Mary Kay; Banana Boat; Olay; Alba.

Most of the recommended sunscreens with good ratings were from companies I'd never heard of. Here are a few of the good guys names:

Keys soap solar; Miessence Reflect; Badger; UV Natural; California baby; boscia; Lavera; Mustela

Check out www.cosmeticsdatabase for more info.

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