Monday, August 06, 2007

Maxing Mini a major marketing mistake

There are several special vehicles in the world. For me, the VW Beetle tops that list. Another really special car is the Mini.


Well, for one, because it's so small! It reminds me of my childhood, playing with micromachines. It's Mr Bean's car, the one he put the brick on the gas pedal so he could change out of his pajamas.

It's historic, storied, classic. It's smallest car out there - thus its name, the mini. It's been reinvented brilliantly, yet remained tiny, and with lots of BMW pep under the hood!

BMW, the owners of Mini, are creating two new Mini cars. One an elongated version of the mini called the Mini Clubman. And another, an SUV called the Mini Colorado

It's a tempting thing for a company to lock onto a winner and try to extend the brand. But in the case of the Mini, it's a monumental mistake.

Take the word Mini. Miniature, small, tiny, little, puny, pipsqueek, etc.

That's why people love it. Beautiful things come in small packages. It's a statement, unique because it's the smallest. In a world of huge SUV's and guzzling sedans, the mini is refreshing. It makes it cool to own small.

And they want to make it bigger?

Big mistake!

If they want to alter it, they should change the shape slightly, add bells and whistles, sunroofs, convertibles. DONT MAKE IT BIGGER! A bigger car is not the Mini. It's a BMW. If I wanted a bigger car, I wouldn't buy a mini.
At best, you are capturing the interest of a few mini owners. At worst, you are pissing off your traditional market who have bought over one million mini cars to date.

As for mini stock - Probably a short sell.

I might be wrong, I'm made mistakes before. But so have car companies.

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